Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halloween Nail Art Gift

Hi there Spooktacular September Fans! I'm Michelle from A Little Tipsy and I'm thrilled to be here to share a fun Halloween idea with you!

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I love a good pedicure, but there's not always time (especially since I just had my third boy a few weeks ago). I thought it would be fun to put together a simple little gift for those who could use a little pampering (teachers, friends, daughters), but may not have the time to head to the spa. This way their toes will be spookified for Halloween and they don't even have to leave their house!
Halloween Nail Gift Idea
All you need is ...
  • Black Nail Polish
  • White Vinyl
  • Cutting Machine
  • Free Smell My Feet Printable
  • Spider Ring
  • Treat Bag
  • Candy Corn
  • Ribbon

I used my Cricut Explore to cut my vinyl because it can rock tiny designs. I just measured the size of my nail (which was about 0.75 x 0.5). Then, found a spider web image and sized it to fit. You can use my design here to make things simple. Weed out the unneeded vinyl from the web so it just looks like two stickers on a sheet. You can use transfer tape to place the design, but I just peeled them off like decals and placed them where I liked on my nail. I made a fun Halloween printable tag to put on the gift. It is sized to fit two on a 4x6 photo card.
Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Printable

Now just put the spider ring on the polish, place them in the bag with two spider web decals and some candy corns and tie the tag on with some ribbon. It's as easy as that! Thanks so much to the Eighteen25 girls for letting us stop in and share! We'd love to have you swing by and check out our fun fall and Halloween ideas like...


Monday, September 29, 2014

Origami Bat Chandelier

Hi! I’m Allison Waken from All for the Boys (girls welcome). We love Halloween and paper crafts so we really love it when we can mix the two. We made a flying paper bat last week but decided we wanted bats that looked a bit more like actual bats for our decoration. 

This is one of those folding crafts that once you’ve done it a few times, you can do it in your sleep! I think I made these in 3rd grade for classroom decorations.
Start with a square sheet of paper (any size but probably not smaller than 6”x6” or so). Fold in half into a triangle shape.

Fold into another triangle (to crease) and then unfold.

Take the bottom point and fold up to meet the top point. Then fold the same point down to the bottom.

Take the top edge where you just folded and take it to the outside edge (following the photo) repeat the last few steps for the other side.

Turn over

Take the top and fold it down to the bottom point. Then take the same point and fold up, but leaving about ¼” – ½” at the top (so there’s a triangle sticking out the top).

Now take the top tip and fold it down.  Holding the outside corner fold it in towards the center and the back piece will sort of pop out.

Do the same to the other side creasing well.

Unfold and reveal your bat!

To make the chandelier we made 13 different sized bats.

Use an embroidery hoop (or any sort of circle) for the frame of the chandelier. This one is 10”. Paint black.

String the bats using string or clear fishing line. For these I poked a hole under the head so the knot would be hidden.

Tie the strings around the hoop.

Hang and enjoy!

Check us out for more Halloween (or everyday) fun!

Thank you so much to Eighteen25 for having us and for inspiring us all year!


Halloween Potion Labels

I'm so happy to join eighteen25 today for Spooktacular September! My name is Heather Dalton and I'm the gal behind Chickabug (both the shop and the blog). The other day I found the cutest little cork-topped jars in the Target dollar aisle, and I knew I had to come up with a printable to go with them. I decided to make the jars into vials of spooky Halloween concoctions – ones that you can use to "poison" (and color!) your drinks on Halloween!

Free printable Halloween potion labels - use the potions to mix (and color) spooky drinks!

Would you dare to add "Goblin Snot" to your drink? How about "Vampire Blood" or "Zombie Virus"?! Kids will get such a kick out of these!

Here's the trick... the potions are actually just water tinted with food coloring. (Shhhh... witch's secret!) And if you serve a clear drink like Sprite or flavored seltzer water, a splash of "potion" has enough coloring in it to tint your whole drink!

To make the bottle labels, I printed out the free printable (see below for the download), cut out the labels, and stuck them on the bottles using double-sided tape. So easy.

Free printable Halloween potion labels - use the potions to mix (and color) spooky drinks!

Download the Free Printable Labels: You can download the free printable Halloween potion labels here!
For lots more free printables and party ideas from Chickabug, visit my blog. And for personalized paper goods and party printables, please come check out my shop.
Thanks so much to Jaime, Jodie, and Jennifer for having me on eighteen25! : )