Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday Reminder Clipboard

today's idea: birthday reminder clipboard

what you need:
*  clipboard (we used the letter size hardboard ones)
*  12 month birthday reminder pages (click on each link for download)
      Download Januarybdaycal
      Download Februarybdaycal
      Download Marchbdaycal
      Download Aprilbdaycal
      Download Maybdaycal
Download Junebdaycal
      Download Julybdaycal
      Download Augustbdaycal
      Download Septemberbdaycal
      Download Octoberbdaycal
      Download Novemberbdaycal
      Download Decemberbdaycal
*  patterned paper or paper from a digital kit

*  spray paint or acrylic paint
*  painter's tape
*  black ink pad
*  black cardstock

step one: decide if you want to decorate your clipboard or leave it plain. i used one that i had already painted with black acrylic paint. jodie spray painted hers. so, first she covered the metal part with painter's tape.

step two: pick out your papers. jodie used the american crafts, blue skies + abode papers. 

i used the sweet summertime digital kit from (i opened a 12x18 document in photoshop elements and placed strips of the digital papers on it. then had the sheet printed off at costco.)

step three: cut your patterned paper into 1 1/2" x 8 1/2" strips. 

step four: ink your strips of paper or back them with black 1 3/4" x 8 1/2" strips of cardstock. adhere them onto your birthday reminder pages.

step five: fill in each month with all of those important birthdays. and you're all finished!!


  1. DARLING idea - this would be a great wedding gift :)

  2. seriously?! You guys rock! love the inspiration :-)

    {The Appraiser's Wife}

  3. Love this! Sooo cute & EASY! You'll never forget--back in the day my grandma had a calendar she hung on the office doorknob that was very similar. Always thought it was such a great idea!

    Oh and thanks for the Costco printing tip!!

  4. Wondering where you found the 2 pronged stand?

  5. LOVE this idea, LOVE your blog. Thank you!

  6. BEST BLOG EVER! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I always write the year they were born in (or pretend to be born in) in paranthesis next to their name. This way I can remember those big, important birthdays.

  8. Just found you gals from Today's Creative Blog - LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!

  9. Love it! Take it one step further...? Laminate each month and use a dry erase marker to update as the years roll on.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  10. I just love your blog girls.
    Thank you from Spain!!

  11. What a great idea! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

  12. Definitely cute, and something that I definitely need in my life!

  13. Fab idea.... definitely going to try it out!!

  14. Love this project! Any chance you would want to re-post the calendar pages to scribd. They are in the archives and it wants you to pay for a membership to download them.

  15. Just came across your blog today and I LOVE it! I will be making these cute Birthday calendars for Chrismtas gifts for my friends!!

    The January and June link seem to be broken. Is there a way for me to print them?

    Email me at

    Thanks so much!!
    Again, I LOVE the blog!!

  16. I can't print January or June either. Can you let me know if you can fix them, or email them to me as well? Thanks SO Much!! LOVE this idea!!

  17. Love this idea & design. Could you send me the link to "January" & "June" if you have one that would allow me to print them? Contact me @
    Thank you!

  18. I love this!
    Cute idea!!


    deise - brasil

  19. I love this! Can you tell me what font you used for the word "birthdays"? I'd like to make a matching cover page. Thanks so much for sharing these!