Thursday, July 1, 2010

one more glitter project

before you put that glitter away. we have one last project to share.
it's very similar to yesterday's project just...  well... a little different.

here's what i used:
-- little wooden letters. $1.99 at hobby lobby. (this week they are even 50% off)
-- cheap 5x7 frames from walmart
-- red glitter
-- red spray paint
-- one sheet of scrapbook paper
-- glue

this project is pretty self explanatory. but here's a quick run down.
i just sprayed my letters.
painted on glue and covered in glitter ... then let dry.

i cut three 5x7 pieces out of my paper.
(i used so sophie,  gracious greenery paper by my minds eye)

then i just stuck the paper in the frame with the glass behind it.
covered the backs of the letters with glue.
and centered them in the frames.
i love the way they turned out!


  1. I shared your toppers on my blog today as a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [01 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  3. Very cute! I love the idea!

    EnJOY your day!

  4. I always love your projects! Thanks for starting the blog to share them all with us.

  5. Oh, I really like this. I just bought some fun chunky frames at the thrift store yesterday that I could use for this project. Love the glitter too. Makes that USA sparkle.

  6. OK! This is CRAZY CUTE!!! I'm in love with your blog!
    Smiles from Texas!

  7. I love BOTH of your glitter letter projects! I'm just now getting in to some crafty stuff, and I think this is easy enough that even I could do it. Love your blog, and subscribing now! :)

  8. Oh I love glitter....come check out my glitter cup at

  9. These glitter projects are beyond fabulous. I love it! So much patriotic punch. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  10. I love this idea in the frames!! I am going to do the same for Halloween with "BOO"! Won't that be cute??

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love this- featured it today on my blog
    thanks for sharing another great idea!

  12. Super cute!
    P.S. Your "leave a comment" button wasn't showing up for me; I had to bypass the system.

    ((fellow CSI crafter))

  13. hi, love your ideas. Could you share what you spray paint on ? I've been just using newspaper, but it looks like what you use might be a little less like to stick to the items?


  14. I have passed the Sunshine Award on to you. Check it out on my blog:
    Enjoy your day!

  15. So I made my USA yesterday. What is the secret to keeping the glitter on the letters? I used Mod Podge, just 'cause I had it. Is elmer's glue better? And I used the same stuff to adhere the letters to the glass. I even had my husband spray the letters with polyurethane to keep the glitter on, but that didnt' work as well as I had hoped. I am guessing it's the stray glitter coming off, as the letters still look really cute! THANKS!
    p.s. And Emelie CUTE idea with LOVE!

  16. Beautiful!!!
    Helping you store what matters most!

  17. Great project! One of our stylists made this and we are linking to your site. Such a cute idea!