Tuesday, August 3, 2010

back 2 school (fashion show)

i kinda have a thing for traditions.
no scratch that.
i really have a thing for traditions.
 i'm always looking for a new one to start. not sure why? i guess i just enjoy them.
they give me something to look forward to.

sometimes we'll try a new tradition and it doesn't stick.
but we have many that we do year after year that keep getting better.

today i'm sharing one of my favorites!!
we've only done this for 2 years now... but i foresee many more years to come.
about a week before school starts the family gathers together. each child brings 2-3 outfits.
we have a yummy dinner of sub sandwiches and chips.
(yes. even the meal gets repeated year after year. just makes it easier.
then i don't have to decide what to cook each time)
then once everyone's bellies are full....
the kids head back to the "dressing rooms" and the adults find a seat along the "runway".
and our back to school fashion show officially begins.  :)

there ends up being all types of models...
ones who think they are too cool to participate... but are still forced to.  :)
ones who know how to work the cat walk.
ones who have to be bribed with 2 green gumballs.
ones who tend to be a little silly.
ones who enjoy every second of it.
ones who ask 163 times when the fashion show will start.

ones who are starting preschool and need a little coaxing.

and ones who are not even starting school yet, but still want to be part of the fun!!
i'm really looking forward to our 3rd annual fashion show in just a few short weeks...
it's a great time and so fun to see everyone's new school clothes.
so gather your family, friends or neighbors and have your very own
back to school fashion show!!


  1. I am a blog lurker sorry. This is my families favorite tradition! We've been doing it for about 20 years or so. It involves the entire extended family. My grandpa is always the principal when we first arrive. He does our registration (which is usually our current stats for grandmas sake). Then he gives us our lunch money and we proceed to the cafeteria where all the moms are the lunch ladies (even wearing funny hair nets). There is always pizza, subs, and tacos, plus juice boxes chips, and the works. We then change for the fashion show and the moms narrate the entire thing talking about the sale or how all the boys/girls will swoon over the kids new outfit. It's always super funny. It's neat to see someone else with this tradition!

  2. I A-D-O-R-E traditions. I will sing the Fiddler on the Roof song about Tradition....without even being asked! I think they are what keeps families close. We have tons of them. But none involving back to school. I think it's time to start a new one.

    This idea is super genius and really easy to get excited about! Now I can't wait for school to get started! Thanks!

  3. My boys' are in their 20's, but we STILL do a yearly family photo for our Christmas cards. They don't even argue anymore, they just show up. :)

    I love traditions too.....

  4. What a fun family tradition! I remember doing this with my own kids!:)

  5. I thought my family were dorks cause we have a fasion show before every school year for my parents! It was a blast and something my sister and I looked foreward to every year! I may have to start this back up in my family now that you reminded me of how much fun it was! Thanks!

  6. HOW FUN. I want to do this when mine are school age!

  7. this is so fun looking! i might steal your tradition. ;)

  8. I just did a post on "First Day of School" traditions! Love your fashion show...come stop by my blog if you're interested too!! :) www.mysweetheartmoments.com

  9. I love doing the new school clothes shopping extravaganza every year!

    This blog has given me some great ideas so I'm giving an award away tomorrow on my blog and your a recipient! Drop on by and pick it up!

  10. we did this same tradition when my kids were in school. i also started taking their photo while they were sleeping and after they got up and ready for the first day. I would always take the day off and make breakfast and watch them head out the door. As seniors the breakfast got bigger as i had all their friends over for Senior breakfast. As both my kids are out of school now i really miss this tradition.

  11. we have always done this growing up and now my grandkids had one just this week!

  12. Hello Tia is computer challenged and wanted me to show her how to leave a comment. I am at home now and forgot to show her....lol!
    I love you site and am passing it on... I am so EXCITED you are our new enrichment leader.. WOO HOO!! I do cards and have the Cricut and all of the necessary tools you know 3 rooms full...lol
    Joeen Terreah mom

  13. What a fun tradition! Although I think my 16 yr old son might balk at this a little...my other kids would love it.
    I really want to know what the color is on your walls...I love it! Love your blog as well. Great ideas.

  14. Aww bless, they all look like they are having a good time! One last chance to show off their beautiful new clothes before being stuck in Primary school uniforms Worcester until the next summer holiday! I think we are going to have to start doing this too!