Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's Project: Frightfully Fun Frames

we made them for the fourth of july and thought they could be just as delightful for halloween, but with a little dash of frightful-nessof course.

  • wood letters from hobby lobby
  • foam brush
  • patterned paper
  • 5x7 black frames from wal mart
  • glitter
  • acrylic paint
  • glue (we used elmer's)
the three of us girls got together to create this project and each of us had to make them a little bit different.
last time the letters were spray painted, but we decided to just give them a quick coat of acrylic paint this time.
as soon as that dried, we brushed some glue over the paint and sprinkled on the glitter.
let that dry for a bit while you trim your paper down to 5x7's.
place the paper in front of the glass and attach your wood letters with the glue.

she used a black overlay on top of a grey cardstock. both papers found at joann's.

our mom's
she had to work, so we made these for her. the black and white polka dot paper is from michaels.

checker paper from Hobby Lobby.

orange paper is basic grey, found at michaels.


  1. Cool! I like these a lot and this is something that could be done at nap time or in the evening while watching TV. Jenn (www.thismommyloves.com)

  2. Good tips, and I love the multiple options you've shown. I have some frames and glitter sitting around, now for some letters...

  3. I purchased paper yesterday to do a FALL set. I can't wait to make them:)

  4. Love the first green EEK! What a great idea! I just did a post on all my Halloween decor, stop on over!



  5. Love this idea! Bought the stuff to do these for the 4th, but haven't made them yet. Think I will get the supplies to do the Halloween ones too. I have 19 & 17 yr. old daughters that want to do a Christmas craft day with their friends this year - I'm thinking we'll make these with "JOY". Thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog!

  6. I love each of these. I couldn't choose a favorite. They are all fabulous!

  7. Will I "like" you? Are you freakin' kidding me? The question is: Will I love you unconditionally? And the answer is YES! You have been "liked" and added to my blog's "Favorite Pages" on facebook. Will I like you? Now that's just silly.

    Now, on to this whole cuteness....I LOVED the 4th ones....and I'm lovin' these. I've used that Basic Grey paper before, and it's a gem. The pattern and aging are totally perfection. And I gotta say....a little glitter just makes my day!

    Homerun. Again!

  8. I loved the 4th ones and these are even better since fall is my favorite. Thanks for all the variety's of colors, loved them all.

  9. I love these! And I have some frames I bought it make something with my son's two year old pictures that I never made and now he's almost 5 :) so I think I'll use them for this!

  10. Sooo Cute! I love these! I can't wait to try my own. I'll show you the final project :)

  11. Love it! Just found your blog and y'alls stuff is just adorable!!

  12. is there a place that i can "love" you on facebook? hee! Very cute girls! I think it's about time i swing by one of these 1825 meetings again! love your guts!

  13. Who would guess that Halloween decorations could be so classy.

  14. Those are just too cute and so easy! Love simple projects!

  15. Love Love Love this project!!!

  16. I LOVE these! So cute and so simple, just how I like it. :) And I most definitely "like" you on FB.

  17. these are fab-- it's nice to have some projects that are doable in a relatively short amount of time. i'm your 2477(!th) follower... can't wait to see what you come up with next

  18. hey I LOVE YOUR FALL ideas come link up on my link party


  19. I love this idea, I used it as inspiration for my mantel this Halloween. Stop by and check it out! http://secretssavored.blogspot.com/

  20. had a girls night last night to do these. they all turned out soooo cute! posted pictures on the "share with us" link. Thanks for such a fab idea!

  21. I LOVE these as well as your USA ones. How do you store them without glitter getting everywhere is my only question? Once I figure that out, I'll be making them for every holiday!

  22. I love these, but just had to let you know, I posted it on pinterest & within an hour 8 people liked it & 25 repinned it... you're a hit!!