Friday, October 8, 2010

halloween banner {download}

love bunting flags like me?
i love them even more now that jamie prints them for me and all i have to do is run them through the machine.
it's even kinda fun!
and very rewarding!

they seem to be our thing right now.  
we've done baby shower buntings, halloween buntings and my little piper's 1st birthday bunting.

so we wanted to share one with you!

free download {Download Halbanner}
card stock
glue dots
double fold bias tape (3 yards)
sewing machine
route44 drink of choice

how to
cut out your triangles
adhere them to the card stock with your glue dots

cut the card stock leaving approximately 1/4 inch border around your triangle and 1 inch at the top 
(to insert into the fold of the tape).

lay out your bias tape and pin your flags in the fold of the bias tape.
we left about 26" on each side and about 1" between each flag.

i always start at the beginning of my tape with the stitch and go all the way to the end.  
and i like the look of the contrasting color thread.

that's it.

isn't it cute?
and easy.
and rewarding, right?


  1. oooh love it!!! I love that these are so easy to make but SO CUTE!! I just made one last week.

  2. I love these banners! Really cute!

  3. super cute - love your ideas :)

  4. Very cute- thanks for sharing!

  5. Love that!!! I have yet to make a flag/bunting - colors are fab too

  6. Love it!! Ach! One MORE thing to do this weekend!!

  7. Stop. It. Right. Now. This is so fabulous! Making one tonite!

  8. You girls never cease to amaze me--this is too adorable!

  9. Soooooo cute! You guys are the best.

  10. LOL - route 44 drink of choice. Good one. The banner is too cute.

  11. I am totally enjoying your blog. You guys have great ideas. Thanks so much! BTW:
    You've been boo'd. Come by and pick it up, then pass it along! Just a little Halloween fun!

  12. love it! the colors work perfectly!

  13. Love the banner and LOVE your white watch! Is that the kind that you can change out the faces/bands? If so, would you share where you got it?! Thanks!

  14. I've been wanting to make one of these for awhile! Thanks for the tute!
    I love it!

  15. That's super cute! Thanks so much for the printable, I'll be linking.

  16. Amanda... these are on an 8x10 sheet.