Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A gift for Grandma

Our Grandma Dee is celebrating her 80th birthday on the 1st of December. We'll be celebrating too, because we're so glad to have her in our lives. Our project today would be perfect for that special Grandma in your life. And the best part... you can throw it together for under $10.
What You'll Need:
  • Silver frame from Wal-Mart - $3.00
  • 8x10 (Download Grandma print) printed at Costco - $1.49
  • Martha Stewart butterfly stickers from Michaels - $2.49

Putting It Together:
  • Insert print in frame
  • Attach butterflies to the left of each description under (or over whichever you like better) the glass
And that's it. Super easy right??


  1. I love how you ladies make everything you do SO easy to replicate. Here's the PDF, buy the frame here, the stickers cost this much, blah, blah, blah. It's awesome! You ladies help everyone feel like a crafty genious. Way to go.


  2. What a marvelous gift! So personal and I know your gramma will love it!

  3. That's an awesome idea! Thank you!

  4. Love it!! I was curious though, How do you make the CUTE Subway Art???

  5. That is great! I'd love to make something like this for my grandmother. Thank you!

  6. very fun craft, girls!! that'd be a good one for grandparents day :)

    i wanted to let you know I am LOVING my christmas planner and i did a little shout out a few days ago too!


    I shared this project at a mom's group and we had a blast making them!

  7. Oooh la-la this is so great, cheap and easy. Thanks for the step-by-step and sharing the download...one gift DOWN. :)


  8. Can you tell me your secret. Would love to make one for my mother - she is called Mimi.

  9. How do you download this into a jpeg? I can only open it through Adobe and can't save it to print it.
    What a fabulous gift idea!

  10. Hi there, yip agree with everyone else - love all your ideas! Would love to know though what programme you use to make these and also fonts, only if oyu wanna share. thanks from New Zealand!!!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this! i love it and I am so excited to give one to my M in Law and mom for Christmas! So cheap, but lovely. Thanks!!

  12. so cute! can i get it in a jgep file? etherington@q.com thanks!

  13. How.can.I.save.to.JPG?

  14. This is such a great gift. Thank you! If I wanted to change the wording up a little, how would I do that?

  15. Thanks for the download! I used it to make a birthday card for my gma!
    Check it out here:

  16. thank you for sharing this! I just made three for all of our grandmas for mothers' day :)

  17. Love this, wish I could get it to say Mimi instead of Grandma...

    I love ALL your ideas and use them when I can. Thanks for being so creative!

  18. hi love this, can you tell me how i can add my own words.