Thursday, December 9, 2010

Joy Frames

did you make these?

or these?

 then maybe you've already made some of these...

 i love that the frames can be used over and over and it only cost me about $2.50 to switch them out...
now to be honest...
i'm not loving these colors. haha.
i'll probably be ripping those letters off and trying a lighter paper so there is more contrast between the two of them. we'll see... if i get around to it.  :)

So... who's been having fun switching out their frames??


  1. I love this idea!!!
    I started sending out my holiday "cards" like this to family. I only send them the card front so that they can put it in a frame that I had already given them. Then it is decor and they don't feel guilty about tossing something that I made them.
    Love this idea too!!!

  2. I didn't do the others, but this has been on my to do list for the past two weeks. Hopefully I will get to it tomorrow.

  3. I just did mine yesterday. The word "jOY" is my favorite for this holiday, been putting it on everything. These look great but maybe both colors are two bright and dark together, but you could leave them since it's beautiful.

  4. love your letter frames!!!! I'm going to confess that I have NOT been switching out the frames. Duh! I put them in new ones - for JOY, I will definitely be switching them out! =) Thanks girlies!!!

  5. I looooove these! I haven't done any YET.... I do have a frame that I've been switching out different images in- it currently has your subway art in it! Thanks!

  6. Love this! This is on my growing lists of projects. Where did all the cute jars with the ornaments come from?

  7. I think if you used lime green glitter on the letters it'd look super cute with the red paper....but you probably don't want to do the letters over. white paper w/big red polka dots would look so cute!