Monday, March 21, 2011

our special guest: [kreyv]

To say I am so excited to be featured on eighteen25 would be the understatement of the year. I mean, they're kind of a big deal!
 My name is Jamie, wife to Jeremy, mommy to Stella, and creator of
I am totally and completely obsessed with interior design, so I started a blog to catalog design inspirations, diy projects, and my daily randomness!

Today I am sharing two brand new, never before seen projects from my
 [so cheap, so easy] series, and when I say cheap and easy, I mean it!

My first project is my license plate art.

I started with a piece of particle board cut to 31x24. This was less than $7 at the hardware store. Because the overall look is very simple, I decided to cover the board with fabric to add more texture to the piece. (I wanted to cover it in burlap, but thought it would blend into my paint color. The possibilities are endless here!) I then attached my three spray-painted license plates with nickel furniture nails (less than $2),
 and wah-lah!

My next little project is equally cheap and easy. This is my letter collage.
I bought a frame (with a 40% off coupon, of course) and the letters.

As you can see, the letters are very thin and wooden, this way they will fit under the glass in the frame. I found these letters at Hobby Lobby. I spray painted the letters white, the heart green, and my background silver sage
 (my favorite color from Restoration Hardware).
Once everything dried, it was just a matter of putting the letters in place and securing the frame.

That's it!
I told you, so cheap, and so easy!
 Thanks again to the eighteen25 girls for having me today!
I hope you find inspiration from these projects!


thank you so much jamie for being our guest today!
we love both of these projects so much.... and we are most definitely inspired by them!
we hope everyone looking for a little home decorating eye candy will head over and check out
be sure to say hi while you are over there!!


  1. Love the ideas, Jamie! I'm a new follower of your blog.
    (I am also married to a Jeremy!)

  2. This is such a cute idea...loving the letters! It would go great in my bathroom!

  3. Both are GREAT ideas. At first I thought the letters were the magnet ones because they are a similar shape. I love the green heart on that project. It is the perfect splash of color.

  4. I think the license plate art is fantastic. I knew there was a reason I've held on to our DC and Utah plates. Too bad our Indiana plates aren't punched metal (for the day when we move from here and I can't seem to let it go!). I'll have to scavenge a third, memorable plate to use!

  5. Love the letters craft. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow! Two super simple and inexpensive crafts that even I could do!! Excellent!!

  7. How NEAT! What great ideas! So creative!

  8. LOVE this.. I might have to try it. Loving your blog as well!