Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{Silhouette Project} His + Hers

Today's project uses the Frosted Vinyl from Silhouette and the Victorian Lace Label from their online store.

step one... Open a new project and change the width to 13.750 and the height to 9.00. Open the Victorian Lace Label shape and drag the corner until the shape measures 11.975 x 7.735.

step two... Using the Broadcast font, type out HIS and drag the corner until the size is 6.830 x 4.130. (Or just change the text size to 243.6pt.)

step three... cut the shape out 

After cutting out the HIS, I just switched it to HERS and changed the width by dragging the side until it measured 8.660.

step four... remove the excess vinyl

After you've removed the negetive space,
lay your transfer paper over the vinyl and rub with an old credit card.

step five... peel off the transfer tape

Now you have the transfer paper with the vinyl image stuck to it and it's ready to put up!
Then just place the image where you want it and rub with the credit card again.
and there you have it...
His + Hers sinks!!
you could do this with your kids names in their bathroom too!  :)


  1. That is SO very cool. :) Thanks for sharing it with us,

  2. I LOOOOVE this! You need to open an Etsy shop and sell these! Id definately buy! :)

  3. hi! My name is Jamie I am a new follower and I just wanted to day this is adorable!

  4. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! I am getting my silhouette very soon and cant wait to start doing some great projects!!
    Does anyone know anyone is running a good deal on the silhouette right now?

  5. Awesome. This would also look gorgeous as a welcome if you had a glass partition in your front door, oh the endless possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  6. How neat looking is this? I LOVE it!

  7. of hepworth is have a good deal using her code.

    i love this and appreciate the tutorial. just got mine and am kind of lost. haha.

  8. Don't tell anyone...but I think I like your Silhouette tutorials better than the actual Silhouette blog...this is so cute! :) Plus, I'm a big fan of your blog cute!

  9. That is Genius!! Love it! On My List!!! :D


  10. Oh my gosh! I LOVE this! I think I may just make some of these.

  11. Can a person use clear contact paper as well?

  12. OMG! I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!

  13. Hi Ladies! Thanks again for letting me include your HIS & HERS mirror labels in my frosted vinyl round-up. They are absolutely adorable! Here is the link if you want to drop by my corner of the blog-o-sphere and check it out: