Friday, March 25, 2011

You Gotta See This

i'm in love with each of these ideas in today's you gotta see this.
hope you like them too!

look at this! bubble wrap hopscotch on the GiversLog found via life in motion.
forget the kids... i would love this!!

oh my goodness gracious... how cute are these dragon tails?

is someone you love far away?
how fun would it be to send a birthday in a box by you are my fave to them? i bet they'd love it!

um... really suzanne? your little Chick-sicle is about as cute as can be!!
these little rice filled chicks are a must in every home with little kids. we have a boring heart one that we keep in a ziplock baggie (so it doesn't get dirty)  in the freezer all the time. then when little bumps and bruises happen they are already cold and ready to help them feel better.

i came across these great finial place card holders over on pinterest. (still addicted)
you can find them over at better homes and gardens.
i think they are so fun. they'd look great with black and white photos in them also!
Painted finials as place card holders for tabletop

we answered some fun questions over on one of our favorite blogs less cake {more frosting}.
and ...
we made a fun list of some of our favortie traditions over at the mother huddle.
check them out if you'd like!  :)


  1. These are all adorable! Love them!

  2. I've sent a birthday in a box to several missionaries out. We call it " A party in a package "

    And the hopscotch is fantastic. My girls are going to have a fun time with that tonight.

  3. Here I was visiting one of my favorite blogs this morning and guess what I came upon? Thank you so much for featuring my Chick-sicles -- especially when they are amongst such fabulous projects!I appreciate it!

  4. I LOVE bubble wrap! That would be so fun!

  5. I have to tell you again (I'm sure I've said it before), I just ADORE your blog. One of my absolute faves. Everything here is so delish. Today is no different. The projects you featured above really make my heart smile - especially those adorable chickies. Oh my!

  6. I need a Chick-sicle bad!! {For myself} This is the cutest thing I've seen today!

  7. what super ideas, love those dragon tails and the place card holders how cool is that. nice to meet you all over at The Mother Huddle :)

  8. I have every single one of these things pinned on my boards already!!! love them!

  9. I love your blog! these are some great ideas. I love the birthday in a box.

  10. Ok... when I saw the place cards I thought they were chess pieces.. then it occured to me how cute a chess themed birth day would be for one of my geeky little boys.. thank you for the inspiration! I can see myself hunting up rogue chess sets now!

    Maddie - th D.A.