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Today's Guest: Whipperberry

I'm tickled ORANGE to be guest posting here with the lovely ladies of Eighteen25 during their...

Hello Eighteen25ers, This is Heather from WhipperBerry!! Jen, Jamie & Jodie have been such an inspiration to me and I am sooooo blessed to be able to call them my friends!

When I think of Halloween one of my favorite elements is coming up with a super cute Trick-or-Treat bag for my four kiddos.  Now in my day, the bag of choice was my pillow case because I tend to lean on the side of optimistic, or shall we say hopeful! But a pillow case is about as cute as a... well a pillow case!

This year I teamed up with Christene one of my contributors at WhipperBerry to create a super easy DIY Trick-or-Treat bag that is the perfect size and darn stickin' cute...

{design elements from the Spooky Junque kit by Rhonna Farrer}

Here is what you will need for this fun project...
Christene put together this super simple bag that any novice seamstress could make.  This is actually a perfect beginner project to work on with your kiddos if you want.

Take your fabric, fold it in half and cut it so that it is...

17 inches wide by 21 1/2 inches tall

First you will want to turn the bag inside out and finish off the casing at the top of the bag, creating a tube for the rope to go through.

Fold the top of the bag in a 1/2 inch and then fold another 1 1/2 inch on itself. Creating a clean edge to the casing and the casing it's self. Sew a straight stitch at the bottom of the casing. It should look like this...

Make sure you don't sew the casing ends closed!!

Then you take the bag and create a straight seam along both edges allowing for a 1/2 an inch inseam. Make sure to stop before you hit the top of the bag as to leave it open so you can thread the rope through.

Here is the finished bag...

Now we get to dress up the bag!  This is what I use the freezer paper and paint for.  Cut 3, 2 inch wide strips of freezer paper that are roughly 17 inches long.  Iron on the strips of paper with the shiny side of the paper down and the matte side facing you...

I wanted a black stripe at the bottom of the bag so starting at the bottom, I measured two inches, left it open and then placed my first strip of freezer paper.  Make sure it is straight and then iron onto fabric with a dry iron.  Measure up another 2 inches and then place another strip of paper and so on until all three strips of freezer paper are attached to the bag.

You will then need to prepare your paint.  Add one part Fabric Medium to two parts paint and mix.  Then paint the stripes onto your bag...


Pretty isn't it?
Once you are done painting, wait a few minutes and then peel off the freezer paper.  Don't let the paint completely dry or it will be a pain to pull off {trust me, I have a fabulous craft fail bag to show off if you would like!}

Next, you will need to prepare your "Boo" with the freezer paper.  If you have a Silhouette it's easy.  I used the Elephant font and just cut the freezer paper using the Silhouette.  You just have to make sure the shiny side of the paper is oriented correctly with the word.  You will need to flip your image before you cut it on the Silhouette. 

If you don't have a Silhouette don't fret!  You can print this handy dandy pattern and then cut your freezer paper with an exacto knife.

Paint your Boo and then remove the paper after a few minutes.  Let bag dry completely...

Once bag is dry take your rope and attach a large safety pin to one end.  Feed the rope through the casing at the top of the bag.  Once it is through, leave about a 16 inch tail off to one side of the bag and then put both sides of the rope together and tie a knot.

Now you can embellish your bag however you like.  I added some pom pom trim to the bottom of the bag and a couple of felt flowers with a little fabric fan next to the Boo to dress it up. I stitched the trim on the bottom with my sewing machine and then hot glued the flowers to the bag.

So... Simple as that you have a super fun Trick-or-Treat bag that you can customize for either girls or boys and they will look FABULOUS!!

Jen, Jamie & Jodie... you guys have been fabulous hostesses today!  Thanks so much for inviting me to come and play.  I hope all of you will come on over to WhipperBerry and say hello!! We have so much to catch up on...
heather from whipperberry

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oh my!! with a bag as cute as that i think i'll be going trick or treating this year!! seriously... i love it!! thanks so much heather and christene!! we just adore you girls and have really enjoyed getting to know you this past year.... we're so lucky to be able to call you our friends!!!
head over to the wonderfull Whipperberry, you'll be so glad you did!! 
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  1. So much better than a stinky pillow case or grocery bag! Very cute. :)

  2. so scarey! I love the stripes! I really need a freezer paper tut though, I have an unopened box just waiting to be used!

  3. This is sooooo cute! I absolutely love it!

  4. Oh how adorable! I just love it. Thank you so much for the great tutorial! I saw want to make one or two or more!