Friday, October 7, 2011

Today's Guest: CraftOManiac

HELLO THERE EIGHTEEN 25 FANS- Jennie here from CraftOManiac, and I am so honored to be featured today. Thank you Eighteen 25, you guys rock.

Today I am sharing with you my 

"Mummy's Munchkin baby Onesie "

I used an inexpensive onesie I bought from Walmart , some large googly eyes, and one package of gauze. 

Here are the supplies, plus a glue gun and a sewing machine. I think you would be just fine to use Liquid Stitch to make this as well. Also, you can use white cut fabric and lace it down the front the same way I did with the gauze.

I first laced my gauze down the front of the onesie. No cutting just lace it back and forth all the way down. Then I cut off the extra gauze and pinned it.

then I sewed it section by section removing the pins as I went.

Once it's sewn down each side, I snipped the loopy sides to give it a more torn mummy look.

like this...

and I also snipped small holes on the top.

Last I hot glued on the googly eyes.

 and here he is .... "Mummy's Munchkin".... in his Mummy Onesie.

My munchkin will enjoy wearing this onesie here and there throughout the month of October. 
I sure would love you all to come visit me at CraftOManiac.
Thanks again Eighteen 25.

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how cute is that onesie? and how cute is jennie's little munchkin!! so darn cute, right!! head over to craftomaniac and say hi! while you are there you'll want to check out the MANY  great halloween ideas jen has shared too!!
lots of fun!!

 thanks so much for being here today jen!
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  1. Beautiful baby. Just a bit worried the stick on eyes could be a choking hazard if used on baby vests.

  2. Another awesome idea from my favorite Craftomaniac!

  3. I understand and fully appreciate a concern with the googly eyes. I assure you that they are glued down tight. Not only that but this is only going to be worn a few times through the month of Oct. The baby is monitored always with loving parental care. Also, he has just started to gently touch and reach for things, he couldn't pull them off even if he wanted too. jen

  4. Too Cute!!
    (If someone is afraid of a choking hazard one could use black and white felt and sew on the eyes.)

    I'm sharing on my FB page with others!

  5. I think it's super cute! The rolls on bubba's legs make it look so adorable!

  6. Just add leg warmers and you have yourself a Halloween Costume! Cute Cute.

  7. I think that this is so incredibly adorable and amazing and awesome and lots of other adjectives that start with A.

  8. Super cute! Just wondering, how does it hold up in the washing machine?

  9. Sorry Jen, didn't mean to sound so critical - just cautious after an incident with our eldest when he was a little one. Love your blog - your laundry room makeovers are gorgeous - and your baby is adorable. Julie x

  10. Brilliant!! Going to make one for a friend's baby--I think he is probably old and mischevious enough to pull at the eyes so I'll probably use felt, but if he was smaller, you better believe I'd be using those precious googly eyes.

    This is one of the cutest/cleverest baby costumes I've seen--not to mention extremely practical. What infant isn't comfy in a onesie?

  11. Thank you so much for this idea! I didn't have any gauze around the house but I did have some white fleece (not as authentically "mummy" as the gauze warmer for the outdoors!) so I cut strips with pinking sheers, used black and white felt for the eyes (I was afraid the googlie eyes would come off in the wash), made a hat and pants out of the extra fleece and he's set for the cold!

  12. What a genius idea! I just wanted to let you know I’ve included it in our homemade Halloween costumes round up on FaveCraftsBlog:

    Please let me know if you’d be interested in publishing any of your craft projects/tutorials with us!

  13. Wow - such a clever and creative idea for a little baby Mummy onesie! Thank you so much for sharing the pics and the tutorial - it's really helpful.

    I also wanted to mention that you and your readers may be interested in the Creative Costume Contest over at - there is a grand prize of $250.

    Thanks again for this great idea - it's so original!