Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Silhouette Advent Calendar

i'm almost giddy today. with halloween out of the way and thanksgiving just around the corner, i've got my mind on some fun christmas projects. and the first one i got to knock out, was just about as fun as they come. 

bring on the turkey dinner because our house is ready to start counting down the days!
(totally joking - kinda)

i couldn't wait to get started on this project. and not just because i got to use my new CAMEO again. the 15" wood shadowbox also includes a download card redeemable for 25 boxes and drawers from the Silhouette Online Store. you can use them for this project and many more afterward.

patterned paper (i used santa's workshop papers by doodlebug design)
colored cardstock
white vinyl
glue dots

step one: lay your papers out so you have an idea of how they'll all look in the shadowbox

step two: cut out your boxes using the silhouette, fold them on the perforations and temporarily place them in their spot

step three: once you're all done cutting out the boxes, cut out your numbers in vinyl and rub them onto your box fronts. if your vinyl won't show up well on a patterned paper, trim a strip of cardstock to place the vinyl on and adhere that onto your box.

step four: put together all of the boxes using a fairly strong adhesive. the glue dots held them together really well.

step five: now you're all set to fill those boxes with fun holiday activities. my boxes include... decorating the house, baking treats, hosting a cookie exchange party, writing letters to santa, building gingerbread houses, watching elf and a christmas story, mailing out christmas cards, baking day...!!

are you ready to get started on your advent calendar?

from now until November 11th,

you can receive $10 off the purchase of your
limited edition advent calendar!!
just enter the code eighteen25 at checkout!!

for more great ideas on how to decorate your advent calendar, check out the silhouette blog.


  1. LOVE this! It's too adorable! Thanks so much for posting!

  2. LOVE IT! I have GOT to get myself a Silhouette!

  3. I'm kind of new to this silhouette thing. Did the machine cut out the boxes and the vinyl? Thanks!


  4. hi erin... yes, the machine cut out the boxes and the vinyl. it is an awesome thing. ;)

  5. thank you for the coupon code. Just went and ordered mine. I'm just wondering how hard it was to put together the boxes? I have bought a couple of 3d things from them and cannot figure them out.

  6. This may be a dumb question but do you have to have the new CAMEO (larger size) Silhouette to cut out the boxes or will the templates fit on the old Silhouette SD carrier sheets?

  7. sorry if this posted twice, I'm wondering the same as Melanie...can we just download to a regular desktop and print out and cut by hand?

  8. Also, can we pay you for a full set of boxes? I'd totally order that! :)

  9. Ugh, I would totally get the advent calendar if there were .SVG cut files for the boxes - it's darling!!

  10. Love this project, and I'm dying for some Thanksgiving Subway Art...is that on the agenda? :) I can't wait!

  11. I'm dying with how cute this is! I'm dying even more that because I don't own a Silhouette machine I can't make this :-( Any suggestions of how I can buy the frame and still be able to make the cute boxes WITHOUT the machine???

  12. I love this so much. I remember seeing these when I was in elementary school.


  13. So fun and festive! I can't wait until Christmas!! Wheeee!

  14. I am having advent calendar envy...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this but I don't have the machine to cut the boxes and vinyl...Boo! What's a girl to do?!? Can you buy the wooden frame and make the boxes without the machine?!

  15. What download file did you use for the numbers?

  16. This is about the Santa advent perpetual calendar. I have cut the stand and the boxes and put them all together. Now I just need to figure out what numbers to put on each box. Can someone help me please!!! I want to send it to my granddaughters in New York.