Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{giveaway} paper coterie

it's no lie that the three of us are big fans of....

everything they have is just so cute
and they are always coming out with new things.
their design team must be exhausted....really!

          cute home decor

Dainty FramesPicture It In ColorPattern PlayBest Of The Season

The One That I LoveWePicture The Holidays

RememberThis Is My Life    Stuff

isn't it all so great?

but with spring quickly approaching,
 we've got a little itch to get cleaning.
which means piles of papers, pictures and drawings
need to find homes.
look at what paper coterie has come up with...

Double Dots  Dream A Little Dream  Pencils
(so many more colors + designs not pictured)

memory keepers are a great solution for
loose papers the kids bring home,
pictures taken throughout the year,
special keepsakes from a child's first year....

want to get your hands on one?
well, the very cool people at paper coterie
want to share some love with you!


all eighteen25 followers will get
a coupon code for
 $35.00 off one item!
(does not include shipping)

super great giveaway, right?!

all we ask...
head over to their facebook page and "like" them...
you can thank them for being so cool too!

(offer will expire tuesday, march 13th)

*thank you so much to our friends at paper coterie...we think you are so great!


  1. love love love Paper Cotiere and have for quite some time now!!!!!!

  2. Thank you

    I tried to use the coupon and it says it isn't valid.

  3. I didn't have luck with the coupon either. But I love these products.

  4. it looks like we are having a little issue with the promo code...we will let you know as soon as it's fixed! sorry about that!!

  5. Thank you! I've used paper coterie for several brag books for the grandparents and they are greatly loved!

  6. SUCH A GREAT POST! I love Paper Coterie, and I have bought several things from them already! For my home and as presents! This is a great coupon! THANK YOU!

  7. Coupon still not working.. love their stuff!!

  8. Tried the code as well and it's not valid!

  9. code didn't work for me either. I love their stuff, such cute ideas!

  10. hello everyone! technical glitch that will be fixed shortly. if you'll email support@papercoterie.com, we'll give you a little something extra for your trouble. :)

  11. The code is up and running! Yay.

  12. Hmmm...I'm still not getting it to work. :(

  13. Just ordered a growth chart. Thanks for this coupon!

  14. Still not working for me either....

  15. for those that are still having trouble...you will want to make sure you put the code in the promotions box not the gift card.

    if it still doesn't work...feel free to email papercoterie at support@papercoterie.com or the three of us at eighteen25@live.com. either of us will be happy to help you in placing your order.

    thank you for your patience today!

  16. I like them on Facebook!

  17. Okay... I'm officially addicted to Paper Coterie! They have the cutest stuff ever! The promo code worked beautifully and I cannot wait for my newest memory keeper to arrive! Thank you so much!

  18. Can't wait to order using from PC. Thanks for the coupon code :)

  19. this is like my favorite company ever! I have ordered a bajillion things from them and they always turn out so cute! thanks for the code!

  20. Thank you! I was hoping to get a photobook ready, but the deadline is coming too close. I just ordered my first memory keeper! I'm so excited to get it! I've heard such good things about them!

  21. Thank you so much. I had never seen their site before and I love everything they have to offer. This deal was too great to pass up! Thanks again!

  22. THANK YOU! I ordered a Memory Keeper box for my son (using your coupon code) and it just arrived yesterday. The quality is outstanding---this will be an heirloom. I am planning to order one for each family member so they can fill it with meaningful items. Thanks again for pointing me to this great company!