Monday, February 20, 2012

instagram fun

make:   a blurb book  
(two of our favorite things together)

make:  a poster  

make:   a tinybook  
make:  magnets  

make: mini stickers

make:   an iPhone case  

make: an instagram photo collage

make: instagram greeting cards

and my favorite idea that i am so excited to try...
send: a postagram  

what will you make?
or what have you already made?

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  1. Woohoo! I'm so excited I was sponsoring this post because I LOVE and ADORE instagram! And, I just posted a picture of my most recent instagram project-a big poster heart to go above our fireplace. Turned out so cute I've made several for friends & family, now!

    You girls are great!!

  2. I just tried the postagram on Friday. I am anxiously awaiting for it to arrive to see how it looks.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I love instagram and have printed from postal pix. Loved the way they turned out. The iphone case looks fun and I'm going to check out the postagram. Thanks again and I am now following you!
    Andrea J

  4. this is so fun! I want to do the little book! How cool! THanks for sharing!

  5. oh fun! i didn't know you guys were on instagram! it's my favorite obsession. love all of these ideas...thx for sharing! i posted a list of my fave apps i use with instagram a few days ago! also...postagram is one of my faves! i use it to send thank you notes to folks...easy peasy! :)


  6. Love instagram! Thanks for all the cute ideas!

  7. oh! and found and followed you guys, Andrea too! i'm @anightowlblog. :)

  8. These are great. I see fun family gifts in the future!

  9. The poster link isn't working for me. Anyone else having a problem?

  10. well, i wasn't plannin' on making anything...till now!! wow! thanks for the coolness, girlies :)

  11. Oh my sweet heavens... this is sweet stuff ri'here! I never in a million yrs woulda thought to do ANY of this stuff! A bazillion thank you's bc I have teenage daughters that LOVE to make their photos vintage and now... we'll be making us LoAdS of fun books and projects! :)

  12. I have already made both the blurb book & magnets - they are SO amazing. I'm currently on vacation and can't wait to turn our vacation pics into a blurb book! And now I'm thinking I need to make a poster :)

  13. super ideas here... I'm so in love with instagram I can't stand it... ~ kimmylou

  14. That is too funny...I just finished writing a post about all my favorite iphone apps for instagram photos...then I see this! Can't wait to give some of these a try.
    Here's a link to some fun photo apps:

  15. Why did you have to share this, now I want this camera, lol.

  16. well now I am officially a instagramaholic. for seriousness. my favorite thing about it, is that even late night giggling pics with my littles can be made into something so beautiful when this tired mama looks anything but;) love these ideas!! thanks!

  17. Pity this is not available on android. they all look like so much fun

  18. I have done postagram and it's great! I've sent them to my friends and I ordered some for myself to punch out and put in frames.

    Love all these ideas!