Friday, March 9, 2012

[our friday five] jennifer edition


 it's me jen... and it's my day to chat about whatever 5 things my little heart desires. :)

01 | Emergen-C i love you.
there has been 1 person sick in my family every week for the last 5 weeks. it's almost becoming comical. so far (knock on wood) with emergen-c as my best friend i have been the only one to remain healthy. but if monday comes around and someone tells me they are not feeling good... i. think. i. am. going. to. lose. my. mind! (what's left of it)

i'm just loving this idea from Marie from make and takes. what i think is hilarious though is that when i found the idea on pinterest it said in the description leprechaun floats, which i think will be the perfect little dessert on st. patrick day. but when i clicked over to her website i found out that these were actually yoda sodas from her adorable star wars party she had for her son.

03 | The Hunger Games Movie
i'm just so excited. i might attempt a midnight showing and see if i can stay awake through the whole thing.  unlikely... but worth a try. :)

04 | my friend carol's scrapbook layout
i had to give up scrapbooking pictures a couple years ago (don't worry i still buy lots of pretty paper) because frankly it made me very cranky and stressed. haha. but i still love to look at other people's pretty pages like my IRL friend carol's. i [love] this one!

05 | i love GOOD news!
read about some great news here.

now... go have yourself a great weekend!!!

. . . .

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  1. Hi Jen!

    Our house has been plagued with illness as well...'tis the season I guess? Can't wait to hear your thoughts on The Hunger Game movie. Our 13 yr old son just started the book series.

    I'm a new follower an would LOVE for you follow me back so I can connect with other blogger.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I love Emergen-C also (and The Hunger Games!)

  3. mmm this drink is seriously delish - at our cottage - we REALLY like it with raspberry sherbert - check out the RASPBERRY FIZZ post here:


  4. adding it to my st. patty's day dinner. oh my goodness, i was so excited for ashley as well.:)

  5. The "Leprechaun" drinks have always been a favorite of mine. We make them for showers and birthdays all the time!!

  6. LOVE those float ideas!! Totally going to do that this year. And I hear ya on the sick thing - BLECH. Our house has been sick on and off again since New Years... currently my DD and I have bronchitis and we're inhaling Emergen-C, haha. I'm just praying that we get better soon (and no one else gets sick) since baby is due to arrive in 3 weeks - eek! :)

  7. I will have to try Emergen-C, love sherbet floats, definitely a pick me up drink. The Hunger Games are awesome, My son was reading it for school and begged for the other two books. He finished them in one week and I read all three in one week! Can't wait for the movie!

  8. Leprechaun floats, that sounds good!! New follower! =)

  9. I've never used Emergen-C, but I do tend to drown myself in V8 or orange juice when I start to feel that run-down cold-coming-on feeling. The floats look like fun for Star Wars or St Pats - may have to give it a try! My daughter and I are so excited about Hunger Games. Her friends are going to the midnight showing, but they have school the next day, so I'm planning to take her later on when it's more reasonable...Carol's LO is wonderful - I'm so in love with the whitewashed wood papers out! And I hope that the good news stays good and keeps getting better for your linked blogger!

  10. I love the leprechaun float idea. I'm going to borrow that one for St. Patrick's Day.

  11. ahhhhhh......lookie's my layout ;) you're so kind to share it, thanks a bunch!!!

  12. Emergem-C is pretty much my best friend. My little one had the stomach flu for one month straight (even landed in the hospital) and my husband and older daughter got it too. I chugged emergen-c every single day and didn't get sick once!

  13. awesome layout! funny thing u said about scrapbooking but thank goodness their products can be used for other great stuff!