Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today's Guest: Lolly Jane Boutique

We are simply thrilled to be at eighteen25 today to show off our latest home decor project, the interchangeable frame:

But first, let's introduce ourselves, shall we? 
We are identical twin sisters Kelli & Kristi of Lolly Jane, an eclectic DIY blog chalk full of home improvement projects, furniture revamps, holiday crafts, home decor tutorials and occasionally, a tasty dessert or two.  

Something we share is our love for decorating for each holiday.  Kelli's main staging space is her front entry while mine is our fireplace mantel.  Since I swap decor here so often, I thought the interchangeable frame would make it much easier on this busy momma.  Can't you see little spiders in place of the eggs and a spooky print in place of the yellow card stock?  Or how about hearts and pink paper... or stars with red & blue paper?  Hmm, can you tell how excited I am getting for the changing of the holidays? :)

But let's back up a second and see how we made this little number...
1. Gather an 8x10 frame, 5x7 frame, hinges, {purchased at Lowes for $1.50} and tulle to hang the frame with once completed
2. Paint them to match; I distressed the funky frame to match the chippy one.
3. Screw the hinge onto the 8x10 frame.
4. Screw the hinge onto the 5x7 frame.  Easy peasy.

Now that your frames are connected, it's time to holiday-ify them...
5. I snagged a bundle of robin eggs at Michaels, {$1.50} some Eastery card stock and tore the appendix pages from a church manual.
6.  Cut the card stock of your choice to 5x7 and insert into 5x7 frame.
7.  Remove stem from robin egg.
8.  Using an XACTO knife, cut robin eggs in half, {I used half of 1 large, 1 medium egg and 1 small egg, all from the same bundle.}

To create the book page banner...
9. Cut out book page in banner shapes, {see our tutorial from our Joy banner here.}
10. Distress edges, {I didn't have ink so I used a brush of acrylic paint.}
11. Add magnets using hot glue to center of banners and backs of eggs.
12. Hot glue ric rac ribbon onto the top of the banner and secure with hot glue behind frame.

That's it, an interchangeable frame with magnets to easily swap holiday decor:

To create the bunny silhouette I simply freehanded an image I found on a google search and cut it out on gold sparkly paper... then painted the paper with my brown acrylic paint. Kinda crazy method but it worked!

PS: Did you spy the cute little "Happy Easter" print in the 4x6 frame?
Feel free to download the 4x6 here ... consider it our Easter gift to you! ;)

Keep up with us via FB, Twitter and/or Pinterest!  We'd love to have you :)
Thank you SO much for letting us borrow your blog for a day, Jodie, Jamie + Jen!!




thank you kelli and kristi!  it was so fun to have you visit and what a very cool idea!! (and how sweet are you to share that super cute printable!!)
be sure to stop by lolly jane...they have lots of fun stuff going on over there!
thanks again ladies!

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  1. This is so adorable. I am going to try to make it!

  2. These are gorgeous but it would be so helpful to know where to get those frames... Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for letting us guest for you, girls! (:

    Kristi + Kelli

  4. SOOO cute! Love that frame. You guys always have the most amazing crafty things. I love stalking your blog for ideas! Thanks for the free print out. Love you two!!

  5. Thanks for an adorable project. Hinges. Brilliant!

  6. i ♥ the shabby frames! and thanks for the printable!

  7. I love the little blue bird - where did you find him?

  8. are you kidding me?!!! this is one of the cutest Easter crafts I have seen this week. Great job Lolly Jane..... you just gained a new reader! and I am soooo excited for a new printable to put by my jar of jellybeans :)

  9. Hello again :)

    @Gigei, we got the frames from Cut It Out ( but eighteen25 also has a cute sponsor that sells similar frames,

    @Alicia, that little bird is my newest addition to the mantel... he's 40% off at Michael's this week. Go snag one!

    Thanks for all the sweet comments! :)

  10. Love this!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  11. very cute! thanks for sharing :-)

  12. @Lolly Jane Thanks so much for the info on the frames! I think I am going to get the little bird too!

  13. WOW! I've made something similar to this before and NEVER would have even thought of the hinge to be able to change out the picture. I think it's safe to say you may have just changed my life a little ;) And the whole thing is totally ADORABLE by the way!

  14. Love, Love, Love! Seriously - Genius!! Great job gals!!! XO

  15. Thank you for the cute card and loved the post.