Monday, April 23, 2012

Snap Recap - Our First Blogging Conference

The three of us decided to attend our first blogging conference this year!!
(I don't think we could have picked a better one to start with)

• we met some of our favorite bloggers/sponsors (and fell in love with each and every one of them)
• met new bloggers
• went to some awesome classes
• ended every night with treats and great conversation at jcw's
• busted a move on the dance floor
• got some sweet swag bags
• met conrad from silhouette and his cute wife
• laughed until tears were falling from our eyes
• did some shopping at the queen bee market
• stayed up way too late

we can't wait for next year!!

. . . . . .

want to meet some of the bloggers we got to meet...
(this will keep you busy for a little while)

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  1. you girls are sure on top of things to already have a post up - I have barely unpacked! so fun to meet you!

  2. My sister is in a couple of those photos, Dave's Wife, I am so jealous she got to meet you!

  3. i LOVED meeting you girls face to face!!
    that is a great pic of us!!!
    so glad i went to SNAP!

  4. I am still recovering from SNAP!
    I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to you meet you girls.

  5. I see Meg from Whatever and Ashley from Lil Blue Boo

  6. What a great re-cap! I was up til 2 finishing mine (really, was that a priority?) I wish I knew whose voice wrote all of this, I'll just be guessing each time now...and I totally forgot your profile pic Jodie has dark hair! You girls are the best!

  7. it was so great meeting you guys! you are so cute!

  8. It was so much fun meeting you guys! I loved hanging out with ya and going for late night JCW runs! Haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! xoxo

  9. Loved the re-cap... haven't even started mine - LOL! So glad I got to know you guys better. You girls ROCK! XO

  10. Fab recap! We are SOOOO behind and we were TERRIBLE at snapping pics! EEK! Loved meeting you girls! xoxo, Tara @The Dating Divas

  11. It was awesome to meet you three. My only regret was that we didn't get more time together. I am glad you ventured into fun!

  12. I loved meeting you three! and I love that Snap was your first blog conference, because it was such a fun one.

  13. Best weekend ever! Hands down. Might not even compete with the weekend of my wedding! Just kidding (kinda). I love you and you and you ::pointing at each of you individually::

    PS Why didn't anyone compliment me on how good my hair was looking from the back? :)

  14. So fun to meet you girls! I am a big fan of your blog so meeting you in person was a highlight of the conference.

  15. You gals were SO awesome! I love the idea of blogging with sisters! I'm glad I got to meet you, and so wish I would have been there for those JCW runs. Ashley filled me in on all the hilarious stories though :) You're so cute to include my blog in that awesome list! xoxoxo

  16. I still get to be an adopted sister, right? (Or the crazy one you hide in the attic. Either/or.)

  17. It was so fun to meet you girls at SNAP!

  18. love the all snap pictures ladies and your blog is so cute :-) xoxo, ana

  19. It was so great to finally meet you Jen! (wish I got to hang out with Jodie & Jamie too) Thanks for the fun QBM sign pic. Looking forward to more things together- hopefully soon. xo