Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[silhouette] project + promotion

Those awesome people at Silhouette have a new promotion going on
from now until May 16th.

• 1 Silhouette CAMEO™
• 1 roll 12-inch Black Premium Vinyl
• 1 roll 12-inch White Premium Vinyl
• 1 roll 12-inch Transfer Paper

All for $269.99
(MSRP: $344.96 - that's almost $75 in savings)

Go HERE to take advantage of this great deal
And for those of you that already own a CAMEO...
you can get 40% off all vinyl until May 16th.

Just enter eighteen25 at checkout.

and now it's time for a project!!

The Vinyl Jewelry Tree
I had fun putting together this vinyl tree for my daughter's room. After adding some hooks, that i just screwed right into the wall, she now has a place to keep all of her necklaces, bracelets and other girly things.

• 12 in x 6 ft strawberry Premium Vinyl
• 12 in x 6 ft Premiun Transfer Paper
• 7/8 in cup hooks (found at target)

I opened a 60 in x 12 in page in the Silhouette Studio® and then opened the 3 Branch Tree shape from the online store. I wanted my tree to be at least 5 feet tall, but when I re-sized it, most of the branches went off the page. So I ungrouped the shape and deleted the circles and some of the leaves. I only wanted to use the smaller leaves so I had to duplicate a couple on there. Then I used the Knives feature (found in the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition) and sliced off the branches so I could fit those and the leaves on the same page as my tree trunk.

Next, I cut my shape out with the vinyl. Turning the speed way down and keeping a very close eye on it so nothing messed up. Then I placed the transfer paper on, cut around all of the shapes and adhered it to the wall using the scraper tool. Once everything was put together, I screwed in a few of the hooks and hung the jewelry. 

 Now I'm thinking I need to do something like this in the boy's room.
He needs a place to hang all of his baseball caps.


  1. Okay now that is CUTE! Such a fun idea! xo

  2. Neat idea! I love the unique concept of it.

  3. Is there anything the silhouette can't do?

  4. I picture a whole forest :)

  5. What a great idea! Super cute!

  6. How clever are you (wish I knew which one)! A silhouette seems like one of those daunting crafty items (like that puncher), but there are so many things I would like to use it for!

  7. Cute idea! I so need to just buckle down and buy one. Need to save my pennies. :)

  8. So wish they shipped to Canada :( I would even get an educator discount but no luck :(

  9. Totally kewl! This is my dream machine - everyone in my family is tired of hearing me rant about how much I want one! Thanks for the opportunity to win one... (PS - your project is fantastic!)

  10. Wha? How do you think of this stuff? Love it! My Silhouette needs to *branch* out more... get it? BRANCH out? Like a vinyl tree? Ah... you get it. :)