Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Christmas Planners

[updated 2014 Christmas planner printables are HERE!]

For the past FOUR years now, us girls have been gathering together to make our Christmas planners.

This year was no exception.
We invited some of our girlfriends together, enjoyed chicken fingers + cheesecake and assembled our much needed planners.

Our 2010 planners (and tags) can be found HERE, with instructions for putting your planner together.

Or if you like the look of our 2011 planners, you can download those tags HERE.

Download the 8x10 2012 Christmas Planner tags HERE.

Papers used this year are from the Doodlebug Designs North Pole Collection.

This year, some of us added some extra cuteness
by using the Flourish paper punch to punch out the tabs.
(instead of folding them over a few sheets of paper, just place the tag on top of a few sheets and staple)


we know a lot of you have been waiting to make these
and we want to see.

share photos of your christmas planners or of you and your girlfriends making them on facebook or tag #eighteen25 on instagram.


  1. hooray!!! our planner party is friday night & I can hardly wait! :)
    thank you!!

  2. I just got invited to a crop night on Friday. Guess what I'll be making?! Can't wait!

  3. wohooo! I got mine ready :o)
    thanks for pre-mail the LO, greetings from Germany

  4. I can hardly wait to get started! Thank you so much!!

  5. Thanks so much! I look forward to this--starts my holiday season off on the right note!

  6. I'm so excited!! I made mine the week after Christmas last year, so I am ready to go! (which is great for me, I'm a huge craft procrastinator!)

  7. May I ask which Cricut cartridge has the 4" scalloped circle included, please?

  8. I made mine a couple weeks ago! I love having once every year!!

  9. Do you print on cardstock or regular paper? Thanks!

  10. Hi Daphne... We have our printable printed at Costco. If you print at home, I would suggest printing on cardstock.

  11. Thank you! I saw this on pinterest and just had to make one! It took a little over an hour to make and was very easy! A quick project and relatively inexpensive if you have a lot of ribbon and paper around the house. All I had to buy was the composition book and 6"x9" envelopes.

  12. I've been doing these for 22 years. Each year I have a recipe section (baking & Christmas dinner), a gift section (item, $, store) & a Card section (deliver, mail, international, church mailboxes). I keep all my Christmas Journals & refer back to them often (i.e. - how old is the bathrobe I gave you????!!!) I also usually add a ziploc bag or envelope for receipts. These books are a lifesaver!

  13. I love these planners! I made some back in 2010 but forgot to make one this year. I hope you do this again next year. I did blog about them and showed pics of the ones I made from 2010 in my blog post here:

  14. Do you ever sell the planners already made?

  15. I love this, is there anyway you can do a 2014 now, so that I can whip them up in Feb. when I am looking for something to doo?!!