Monday, November 5, 2012

Family Match Game

Here's a fun game for the kids to play while the Thanksgiving feast is being prepared.
(or any other time of course)

what you'll need:
• patterned paper + cardstock
• 3" circle wood discs
• photos sized to 3" squares
• 2.5" circle punch
• adhesive
• clear plastic paint can (4" across x 3" tall - found at michaels and most craft stores)
• corner rounder punch (optional)
• family match game tag (download here)

for the game pieces:
• punch out your photos and patterned paper using the 2.5" circle punch and adhere to the discs.

for the can:
• cut out three strips of 12" paper. 
• the kraft cardstock is 2.5" wide, green patterned paper is 2" wide and the black patterned paper is about 1.25"
• adhere the strips together and insert inside of the can
• cut out the family match game tag and round the corners, if you choose. then adhere to the front of the can. i used some pop dots to make it stick out a bit.

play like you normally play the match game (or memory).
to add a little more fun, every time you make a match, name something about that person that you're thankful for.


we're participating in i [heart] nap time's crazy christmas event today.
come on over to see what we're sharing!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I was just thinking about what I could make the grandkids to share with their parents to play.

  2. What a great idea. I have a whole host of families I can make these for. Thank you for another super fun (& easy) idea!

  3. Brillant! Love this idea! Thanks!

  4. Love that idea. Might be the perfect thing to put in stockings.

  5. You tap into materials at the craft store that I pass right on by. I love it!

  6. Such a cute idea! I think I may have to make a set for my goddaughter. :)

  7. I really wish you would stop with all the giveaways and sponsors and go back to being the craft blog you originally were. I used to really enjoy coming to this blog to get great ideas but now I have to sift through so much stuff I don't enjoy it.

  8. love this idea! especially if your little ones have relatives that live far away-

  9. Where did you get your paint can?

  10. I love this and would like to make it!
    What kind of adhesive do you use?
    And do you print on regular paper or photo paper?

  11. emily... i just used the herma adhesive. you could also use a double sided tape or glue dots. and the photos were printed on photo paper (at costco, of course) :)

  12. Where did you get the paint can and the coasters?

  13. Yes where did you get that size paint can? I can find every size but that one.

  14. Did you paint the discs? Except for one they look white in the picture.

  15. This looks so classy! I've seen lots of picture memory games but haven't been impressed with how they come together- this is great!

  16. What program did you use to make the photos?