Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gather Together & Give Thanks Banner

5 days till Thanksgiving...
(i may or may not be counting down the days till we get to sit around and eat good food all day)

 we have 2 quick banners to share today that can be made in very little time.

this first one matches the BE thankful untensil holders.

You'll need:
kraft colored cardstock
colored pencils
and twine

the how-to:
-download the banner pieces
Download Banner Ends HERE
Download Banner Gather Together HERE
Download Banner & HERE
Download Banner Give Thanks HERE
-color them
-punch small holes in the top corners
-string on to your twine
-hang up and enjoy


the second banner pieces match the fall/thanksgiving subway art!

Download matching banner HERE                       Download matching banner HERE

follow the instructions HERE to put it together like our Christmas banner..

or add some pom pom trim like we did on the halloween one. instructions HERE

or simply use some clothespins and pin the flags onto some twine or ribbon!!
. . .
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  1. LOVE it! I just printed mine & am getting ready to color it now. Thanks once again for making me look crafty! Happy Thanksgiving to the eighteen25 Family! ~Jenn

  2. Really pretty. Thanks for the printables.


  3. i love this on the kraft paper. off to pin and share.:)

  4. Can you share what printer you have at home to print these conviently? Or do you send to a print shop?

  5. Nice looking banners you got there. For me, it's not so much about the design rather than the message plastered across it. Although the design plays a nice part of it all but the message does the job most of the time.

  6. There are so attractive banner over here and the tags are really good to impress some one special. I am going to download some sample, So thank you for sharing this.

  7. just made one and I love it! thanks for this awesome printable! xoxo