Sunday, November 18, 2012

glitter star tree topper + christmas garland

We have two more projects to share with you today that we've been working on for the Michael's Holiday Dream Tree Challenge.

First up...


• large + small wood laser cut ornaments
• spray paint (we used krylon classic gray)
• elmer's glue
• martha stewart glitter (we used sterling)
• foam brush
• E6000 adhesive 
(all supplies found at Michaels)
• spray a good coat of spray paint onto each of your ornaments
• once they are completely dry, apply elmer's glue to the top and then use your foam brush to cover the entire thing with glue
• sprinkle on lots of glitter (make sure you do this over a paper plate or glitter tray so you can easily put the excess back into the bottle)

• once the glue and glitter is dry, attach the smaller ornament to the larger one using the E6000 adhesive
• let it set for a few hours and then attach to the top or your tree with some string or twine.

Next up...


• Celebrate It Decorative Fillers (we used five bags for our tree)
• DMC floss
• Tapestry round end needle
(all supplies found at Michaels)

• string the decorative fillers onto the floss until you have the right length
• knot each of the ends around the last ball
• hang around the tree


Can you guess which color combination we chose for our tree yet?
We can't wait to share the rest with you on Tuesday!!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Michaels Stores. We were provided with a tree and gift card in return for participating in this challenge. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. You can never have enough glitters during the holidays. Beautiful!

  2. LOVE!! I loved those laser cut shapes and frames, and I love this garland idea! xo

  3. Nice use of the decorative fillers as the garland. Thank you for including how many bags you needed for your tree.