Monday, January 21, 2013

February's Phone Wallpapers

My phone was begging for a new wallpaper.
So, I got to designing. And came up with two new ways to make my screen feel all lovey dovey.
I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I added them both to my phone. One to my Lock Screen and one to my Home Screen.


DOWNLOAD pink HERE : red HERE : black HERE

  • all you have to do is save the wallpaper you want
  • email it to yourself
  • open the email on your phone
  • click on the photo and SAVE IMAGE
  • then go to your PHOTOS and select USE AS WALLPAPER!!


  1. My phone is a happy phone now! thank you!

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  3. These are so cute! Is there any chance you could make them a bit higher resolution next time? They show up pixelated on iphone 5.

  4. Lovely! Thanks for making my phone happy and well-dressed:-)

  5. I LOVE these phone wallpapers! I've used everyone you've posted since the Fall, I believe! Just a fun way to personalize my phone without a picture (since my icons end up hiding half the photo anyway)! Thanks so much for sharing these!

  6. Thanks for the new wallpaper. My son was commenting last week that I needed to get rid of my Christmas wallpaper, so this was a timely post from you.

    Can you do one for St. Patrick's day in March? (in all your spare time!)

    Love your blog!!!

  7. Love this.....just did it and it is so cute. Thanks!!

  8. Thanks for the new wallpaper! I need to get rid of my Christmas one :)

  9. love it!!! have been missing my wallpaper since Christmas ended!!! thank you!!!

  10. Downloaded and on my phone already. LOVE these!! Thx, awesome ladies!! XO

  11. So cute! If only I had an iPhone! Tried the Christmas wallpaper with my android and it did not like it.

  12. LOVE these wallpapers! I just got my first iphone last night and needless to say I already downloaded the images for wallpaper. Thank you!
    I also featured you on my blog: