Monday, January 28, 2013

lil love monsters

we had a kids craft day last week and had a fun time making these

lil love monsters

they are always a hit with our kids (and us adults) it's fun to see how each one turns out a little (or a lot) different from the others.

pipe cleaners
googly eyes
glue gun
50z paper cups
piece of cardboard - 2 1/2" x 4"
scrapbook paper
scissors or heart punch

the how-to:
- wrap your yard around the cardboard piece (long-ways) about 150-200 times
- on one side of the cardboard tie a knot around the center of yarn
- flip the cardboard over and cut through the center of the yarn. this is your main hair pom pom.
- take an upside down paper cup and hot glue your pom pom to the top
- make another pom pom by wrapping the yarn (short-ways) around the cardboard about 20-30 times
- this is your "toupee" pom pom. hot glue it on top of the other pom pom

now the fun part. decorating your monster.
- add your googly eyes
- make some pipe cleaner antennas and hot glue to the top of the head under some yarn hair
- punch or cut out some paper hearts and hot glue to the tops of the antennas

 your adorable love monsters will be looking pretty.

we had a couple little boys that were willing to take a long enough break from the video games to create with us. as you could imagine they weren't interested in anything cutesy. we didn't let them know that even though their monsters turned out somewhat strange, they were still absolutely adorable. haha.

the girl monsters were not sure what to think about the boy monsters at first...

but in the end, decided that they could all be friends. :)

hope you'll make some lil love monsters with your lil monsters!!

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  1. Oh My! These really are super cute...
    LOve them all...
    Thank you soooo much for the tutorial...
    One 6 year old Grand-daughter will love them.

  2. Love this! Going to make some tonight.

  3. These are darling! What a cute idea.

  4. Those are A-Dorable! I was looking for a fun project to do with the kids this weekend, and I think this one's perfect. Thanks for the post. If we are able to get 'er done, I'll post pics and let you know how it went. Can't wait!

    The Cheeky Daddy

  5. These are so adorable! They remind me of my grandson's "Puffle Pets" - only with antenae. I have everything but the googly eyes. Going to run out and get some so that, when my grandchildren return home from school we can make a few!

    - Jesse
    Aloe Vera Juice

  6. Thanks for this idea. The kids were home from school today for an ice storm and this was perfect. We've already made six of them. I'm thinking there will be a lot more in our future.

    Thanks for the idea!

  7. They are wonderful. I think these are the cutest monsters I have ever seen... I have no children/grandchildren but I might just make them for myself!

  8. FUN!!! I love it!! They are so cute and easy to make!! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I love that each one has a personality that is all their own--so fun and adorable!

  10. I love these!! I'm doing these with my kids on winter break in a few weeks. thanks so much!!

  11. hahaha these are so lil' monsters are going to love this craft!

  12. I would like to make them to hand out to the kiddos at church. They are so cute. Thanks for the idea.

  13. These are adorable! I love them!! I want to make some now!

  14. Your little monsters are so much fun. Pinning.

  15. Oh. My. GOSH. These are sooooooooo cute and fun. My little guys would love these!

  16. Thanks for the great idea! Made these little love monsters with my little love monsters this weekend - we had a great time and they turned out so cute!
    Love your blog - it's the first one I look at every day!

  17. My son and I fell in love with these. So we made our own...I also mentioned you in my post!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  18. Made these with my two nieces and they loved it. One wasn't enough, they had to have two each, and I think there is many more to come :) Didn't find the right size cups here in Norway,so we had to adjust a bit, but that was no problem. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  19. WOW! These are great! My host kids will love them!

  20. These are so cute, can't wait to make them with my boys. How do I share this idea with a friend?

  21. luv this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Adorable! I think I might have to make these for my daughter's class!

  23. making these for my co-workers as a little Valentine's Day gift.