Friday, January 4, 2013

[our friday five] jodie edition

our friday five

01|  articles of faith-punch cards

my sweet sister changed up the good deed punch cards for me + my primary kids.  thought some of you might like the download also.  go here if you do.

02| felt hair accessories from the pretty owl

COOKIE CUTTER. Set of 3 Felt clips Wool Felt. Baby. Girls.Red Clips for Valentines Day.  Passion Butterfly. Felt Flowers Headband.  Newborn's Gift. Girls Headband. Wool Felt.Miss Elegance. Felt Bow. Newborn. Baby. Girls Headband. Custom Size. Wool Felt.

i think my girls will need one of everything in this shop. so cute.

Entry way decorated with home products, showing various storage solutions and tips from Sabrina Soto
Blue Multi Print Decorative PillowGiraffe FiguralFretwork Area Rug - Gold (5'x8')

really target? you bring all this cute stuff out after Christmas?

04|  anthropologie stockings-maybe next year?

i saw these in the store and i about melted into a puddle on the floor.

05| my kiddos

this was taken Christmas morning...aren't they sweet?!

what are you thinking about this fine friday?


  1. I'm thinking about my baby girl turning one today and my one week countdown until Walt Disney world marathon weekend!!!!!!

  2. I thought the same thing with the Target line!

  3. Where's the kid's parkas? Trying to freeze them? JK...on Christmas morning here it was COLD...-18C or so, brrr.
    Love the Articles of Faith cards...just released from Primary though.
    I'm thinking about getting my sewing done! I have two blouses and a new temple outfit/dress (as yet pattern not decided on nor fabric (white) chosen...not sure if polar fleece is reverent enough...our new temple is cold!).

    Happy New Year!

  4. What cute kids you have! I Love the stockings also... thanks for sharing your fav's today! I really look forward to you and your sister's Friday Fav's! Happy New Year!

  5. You read my mind with those Article of Faith Cards! I was just going to ask for a copy :o)

  6. Some fun stuff here Jodie. I especially dig the Target winter collection. It's fun to consider what we want to rid of the old, to bring in some new each season. Thanks for the suggestions.

    The Cheeky Daddy

  7. I ran into Target this week to pick up gloves, and had to touch all the new stuff (and I may have bought a new piggie was a citron yellow bird) was I supposed to resist all their cuteness?

  8. I'm thinking even with the world being unsettled I feel happy and optimistic for this year. I LOVE new beginnings and fresh starts!!

  9. Found this post on pinterest and our primary kids have done really well with the AofF punch cards.Even my 3yr old is learning them and two of our senior primary kids have already filled their punch cards!

    I was wondering if you've considered making punch cards for the monthly primary scripture? Our primary pres wants to challenge some of the older kids, and I would love for the cards to match or at least look like a set. I'm willing to make my own, but would you mind emailing me with some details (ie fonts, etc.)? Thanks!