Tuesday, February 5, 2013

it's a treat valentines

The boxes of Valentines at the store are always fun to pick out. But, it's even more fun to hand out a treat that you put together yourself.

• "it's a treat" download found HERE (tags are on a 5x7 sheet)
• rice krispies treats pre-made squares
• paper heart doilies
• adhesive (like glue dots)
• pop dots (not pictured)

• print. cut out hearts and banners, leaving a small white border if you'd like.
• attach the banner to the top of the heart using one or two pop dots.
• adhere to the paper doilies and adhere that to the rice krispies treats package.
• have your child write their name on the back in the space provided on the wrapper.

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Pretty easy, right?

Check back later today for another (yummier) rice krispies Valentine.


  1. Okay, I think these are super cute! I might just use them for my son's preschool class. Thank you!

  2. By far one of the cutest ideas around. I'm using this idea this year. Thanks for sharing!! Your blog is one of my favorites of all time! Keep on a going and sharing. XOXO

  3. Replies
    1. We print most of our stuff at Costco, but any photo lab will work.