Friday, February 22, 2013

Our Friday Five [Jamie]


01 | my new blurb books
three new books showed up on my doorstep last week and i was a beyond excited

get started on your blurb books today or if you are almost finished with a book, they are offering 25% off purchases from 2/22-2/25. head over to blurb now.

02 | these sugar cookies
oh! my! i made these cookies for valentine's day and they are (for sure) a keeper in this house.

03 | wreck-it ralph
can't wait for this cute movie to come out on dvd so we can watch it again and again.

04 | this herringbone bookcase by the Lolly Jane girls
such a cheerful space
 Paint a bookcase a herringbone stencil, use mason jars, crates and suitcases for storage!

05 | these treats from trader joe's
the peanut butter pretzels don't last long around here. this was the first time we tried the rice rolls... they have just enough sweetness to make them a good (low calorie) treat.

what's on your friday five list this week?


  1. Just curious because I'm in the midst of finishing my first yearly Blurb book, how did you get the neat lines at the top of your pages? Is that something you created on your own or a template they offer? Thanks!

  2. Ooh, me too. I love that stripe at the top of the page in your blurb book! How'd you do it? Thank you!

  3. Just because I'm a big kid, I'm pretty excited about Wreck-It-Ralph myself. We're planning a bit movie night with the kids. Popcorn balls, tent/fort, favorite candy, MASSIVE amounts of pillows and blankets.
    It's going to be big.

    The Cheeky Daddy

  4. These are some great offers, I especially like the blurb book. Also so glad to see you here blogging. I took a absence from blogging for awhile because of health reasons, and now I see so many deserted blogs. So glad to see you here. Thanks for letting me visit.

  5. So glad to see you use BLURB. I just signed up for them, but didn't know anything about them, which always makes me skeptical. Now I can rest easy to move forward. :) Question, have you used the blurb books to create hard copy of your blog posts? I saw that as an option and was hoping to hear someone's feedback. anyhow, thanks for sharing. have a great weekend!

  6. I'm curious to try blurb! (I'm an Apple girl, shhhhh) But I love the look of their books. Did you use the full Professional layout? And I also wanted to ask how many pages make it nice and thick like that? Amazing way to keep your photos.

    I ALSO love those bookcases you featured. I want to find a place to do that in my house.

  7. I'd love to make a blurb book but I'm worried about the gutter. Do you have to compensate for it, or does blurb do it for you? From the comments it looks like you have to write a whole post about blurb :D

  8. If you think those pb pretzels are good, you should try them covered in chocolate!! They're usually right next to the plain ones on the shelf. Phew, they're delicious.

  9. Yes...please do an entire post about blurp. Which paper do you choose, how many pages make it that thick, and any other tips and tricks you wannna add! Thanks so much. Love your blog!

  10. The rice rolls sound interesting, and if i had a trader joe's, i might take your word for it. I saw Lolly's bookshelf in person when it was half way done, SO fun to see it sweep the blogosphere in the past week!

    1. Kristen you're the best friend these twins could ask for ;) THANKS Jamie, for the feature!! Love you NV girls so much!! XO