Friday, February 7, 2014

million dollar sequin letters

We decided to call these the million dollar sequin letters for more than one reason. First off of course... is that they are definitely looking like a million bucks. right? :) Secondly though... as I was making them and kept running out of sequins I was beginning to think it was going to cost me a million bucks to make them. In the end they did cost more than I would normally spend to make a decoration, but not a million dollars.

• Paper Mache X and O
• 8 yards of gold sequins (7/8 in)
[Joann's price was 2.99 a yard. I did use a 50% off coupon, but still a bit pricey]
• hot glue gun and glue stick

There is really not much to the instructions. I just wrapped the sequins around and used a drop of hot glue every now and then. The only part that I didn't wrap was the very top of the X - there I cut small sections of the sequins and glued them on and then wrapped the rest of it. [I left the bottom of the X uncovered, but the O is completely covered.] Something I didn't start doing till I realized I should be, was pulling the sequins really tight. They are on elastic so I'm thinking it may have taken less sequins if I would have focused on stretching it more as I was wrapping??

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  1. Oh my oh my oh my I love these so much. Need in my life now. I'm going to say it was worth the $ for the bazillion sequins.

  2. beautiful im doing something really cool with letters soon <3 these are so sparkly and down my it!

  3. I love these gold sequin letters-so sparkly!